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several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:57 pm
by Fish
I've encountered several bugs in the Switch port.

(1) Chapter 2, in Inspector Casse's office, just after the phone rings and he steps out for a moment, open one of your collections at the top-of-the-screen such as the Funfare or police-impersonation kit. He'll return to his office in a moment and begin talking to you but the collections wallpaper remains visible. First time this happened, I quit the game. When I resumed the next day I left his office, did some wandering around and manually saved. After that I discoverd I was missing all of Sandra's recipe items I had collected and the funfare items I had won (but I still had the achievements for winning the various trophies.) Returning home to my apartment triggered the 1st-day dialog with Sandra, where she tells me about the scuffle in the hall the night before. I deleted my save file and started over again from the beginning of chapter 1.

(2) Chapter 3, when I walked into the antique shop looking for Caroline, the man selling the gun was there again as if his scene in chapter 2 hadn't happened. The piano was blocking the stairs again.

(3) Not sure if this is a bug. Following on from (2) above, after going outside looking for Caroline, I rung the antique shop doorbell. The man selling the gun called me a name, then Caroline appeared in the dialog and told him I was a looney. I'm guessing this is a Chapter 2 action I had not triggered. It seems odd that Caroline is taking part in the dialog when she's trying to hide.

(4) Chapter 3, after returning to my apartment, still looking for Caroline, I noticed the shelf with my aunt's ceramic artwork is no longer broken. Also, when I examine the bird statue, the chapter 1 dialog that runs along the line "I think there was a tablet on here" played again.

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:11 pm

Hmm... This actually seems like only one bug - all the issues are related to saves.

I can confirm several persons I know and reviewers finished the game without encountering any issues so this may mean you're doing something different. I'll try to investigate but I'll need as much information as possible.
Do you always continue from the last save state? Do you use several manual save states and load from them regularly? When you exit the game, you actually return the home and "force quit"? (I believe the exit option isn't in the menu in this version)

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:30 am
by Fish
Thinking back... the first time this happened, it was just after a "try again". I had stolen Inspector Casse's fingerprint kit and badge. He came in, saw the bulge in my sweater, and I got a game-over. I selected to try again. It was when he walked out of the office during this time that the first problem I wrote about occurred.

Usually when I'm ready to end a gaming session, I go to the save screen, perform a manual save (overwriting my previous manual save), then return to the Menu screen (the one with "resume", "load", "save", "options" etc on it.) At this point I press Home and return to the Switch's home menu. When I load up the game again some time later, I select "resume" (if the game is still the active app) or "continue" (if some other app had been active).

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:42 am
Thank you, I'm going to investigate. It seems the save file(s) get corrupted or wrongly saved somehow, because only some events/items are lost but not some other info like the last room or the main progress.
I'll let you know if I have more questions.

In the meantime, if you encounter more issues like this :
- Please report them (and like before, be as precise as possible, any info helps!)
- You don't have to restart the game entirely. There's a "Restart chapter" option in the load menu, which will allow you to restart "fresh" only from the current chapter.

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:12 am
Actually, here are more questions :

- Do you still have a "corrupted" save?
- When this happened, did you try loading the automatic save file? If yes, did it have the same issues?
- When this bug happens, does the game make you start from the first game room (Bjorn's living room) instead of the one you saved in?
- Do you lose your inventory?
- Do you lose the cookies collected?
- The elapsed time indicated on the save file thumbnail is correct?
- Which save slot do you use?
- Do you play the game with touch controls or gamepad buttons?

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:57 pm
by Fish
I deleted the save data, through the Switch's system menu and restarted the game, after the first time it happened, so I don't have that save file anymore.

The game resumed in the room I had been in, Inspector Casse's office. Inventory (in the bag at the bottom of the screen) seemed to be intact. I believe the automatic save file had the same elapsed-play-time as the manual save. I don't recall if I lost my cookies, but I do remember that I lost all except my Chapter 1 game-overs. Chapter 2 wasn't even shown in the game-overs screen. It didn't delete my achievements. I use game slot 1.

Here's something else. I had unlocked some extras shortly before the problem occurred. This can be replicated in my game at will. While at a location in the game, press X. Select MENU. Select EXTRAS. Unlock some artwork and view it. Instead of pressing A, press B. The pointer changes from an arrow to a hand. Press B again. The pointer disappears. Press A. The artwork disappears but the extras menu is overlaying the location graphics. Buttons A and B, and taps on the touchscreen are no longer recognized. The "+" button brings up the menu. If I select Resume in the menu, the location graphics reappear without the extras menu overlaid.

When I play the horse race mini game in the extras, my horse's name appears as "GLOBAL.VARMINI04NAME" (or something like that; some of the letters are hard to make out.) As an experiment to see if the extra menu problem can be replicated earlier in the game, I completely exited the game, relaunched it, and selected New Game. Cookies is reset. Game Overs, Achievements, and Extras are preserved from my previous game. In this new game, within the extras horse race mini game my horse's name appears as "PLAYER".

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:01 pm
by Fish
Reading through my most recent post, I realize it's a bit confusing. In the second paragraph I was just describing what happened when I resumed that save game, before I deleted it.

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:18 pm
Thank you very much for all the information! Especially the bit about the horse being named "GLOBAL.VARMINI04NAME". This confirms my theory a bit. It's a bit technical but basically, I list the events (all the actions triggered in the game) in the save file, then all the other variables. Somehow it seems an event ID contains a line jump (or causes one), which offsets the reading of all other variables, which get set to their default value (false). In other words, this corrupts the save file. And once it's corrupted, there's no going back even if you load it and save again - the values are lost. You'll only notice it when exiting the game and loading the game again.

The only problem with this theory is what you're telling me about the gameovers. They should have been kept because this is based on the progress in the story within your save files, and that variable is saved before the events are written... so it shouldn't be corrupted.

Really sorry about all this :/ It's very hard to test games on consoles when you're a solo indie because I'm the only one able to perform tests. This bug seems similar to what happened when I launched the game on Vita, when some players had some inventory items "randomly" lost. I was never able to reproduce that problem despite many attempts but it seemed related to something happening in chapter 2. (Once players go to Nogo in chapter 3 there's no more issues, and no one experienced it in chapter 1 either)

Back then I made a "blind" fix (by duplicating the variables for the inventory) which worked because no one reported that problem anymore on Vita. But for some reason it's back on Switch... And I still can't reproduce it for now. It must be one very specific action in chapter 2 that triggers it, an action that few players do, but I'm not sure what. Maybe something related to the mini games... By any chance, did you unlock extras before experiencing these problems?

I'll try to replay chapter 2 again and spend more time studying the code, hopefully I'll find the culprit. If not, I have a solution to prevent the save file from getting offset which should work - but I'd really like to replicate the issue. It's annoying because the problem only occurs after the player saves, exit then loads the game again which makes identifying the action that causes it quite difficult to identify.

One last thing - your current save file in chapter 3 seems corrupted as well. (from what you told me, for example the horse name in the extras - I guess you had loaded the latest save file?) Can you keep it for more tests? Can you check if the objective (upper right in the top bar) is correct?

If the objective seems OK, then you can "solve" the issue by loading your latest save then in the load menu, choose chapters and restart from chapter 3. You should be safe after this.

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:59 pm
by Fish
Before this happened the first time, I had unlocked one or two extra music and all extra artwork that was available at the time. I hadn't unlocked any of the extra minigames. I don't recall them being available.

Thinking back, it may have been some artwork that I was viewing when Inspector Casse returned to his office.

Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes.

Re: several bugs in Switch port

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:13 am
Thinking back, it may have been some artwork that I was viewing when Inspector Casse returned to his office.

Yes, that would confirm why I can't reproduce the display bug with the funfair/disguise boxes. There's indeed a bug with the artworks if you press B instead of A, I'll fix this.