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Demetrios will be released in a few months!

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:58 pm

Hey, everyone!

The development of Demetrios is in the last stages, so I expect to release the game in a few months. :)

Lake Kubilius, one of the few early testers of the game has finished Demetrios! He really enjoyed the game and wrote a quick review of it!

Having recently finished an alpha build of the game, I can say with confidence that this is something new and wonderful!

Fans of point and click adventures will be delighted to see some fresh blood in the genre, with fantastically risky writing and art choices coming together for fun effect.

The game is driven by a ridiculous sense of humor that defies classification.  Many of the best elements of the "Leisure Suit Larry" games are reborn here, excepting that most of the stuff that put off female gamers has been replaced with stuff that would feel more at home in "South Park."

Amusing mini-games are sprinkled throughout, including an optional hunt for cookies in every scene. Searching for cookies is especially fun, and finding them yields more jokes.  The cookies also serve as the currency exchanged for game hints, which is a wickedly clever design choice.  (If you carefully search every scene for cookies, you should need fewer hints.  If you only need a few hints, and the game gives you those hints in exchange for cookies, no one gets mad and ruins the fun with a walkthrough. )

The story is fun, but almost incidental.  The real treat is wandering around as these ridiculous characters, doing ridiculous things.  

This game was a good time.

The part about it being "something new" really pleases me, because that was my intention - offering the adventure gamers something different, a game like no other that you'll definitely want to try :)

I've posted an update on Kickstarter with more information on what has been done and what's left, check it here!

Among many other things, I've added cutscenes, achievements, cookies and extras :)

Demetrios steam achievements

Re: Demetrios will be released in a few months!

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 3:18 pm
by Skeens
What's the best way to get Demetrios btw? And can you buy it and send it to someone else?

Re: Demetrios will be released in a few months!

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 10:32 am
I'm only seeing this now! Sorry.

The best way? Depends on where you want to play it. If you're on PC, either Steam or a DRM Free version on If on a console, go to the manufacturer's store. (Xbox Live, PSN, E-shop)

Some allow you to gift the game to someone else, like Steam.